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Volunteer at ReportOUT! 

Image by Jake Schumacher

We are recruiting volunteers as:

  • Events Officers​

  • Human Rights Researchers

  • Business Development Officers

Want to join our team at ReportOUT?

People who are generous enough to donate their free time in support of ReportOUT’s work enable us to do so much more, and so our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. 


We have 80+ volunteers at ReportOUT who each bring a range of skills, backgrounds and experiences to our organisationOur volunteers are truly global, and come from over 40+ countries.


All of our volunteers are dedicated to achieving social change for the human rights, and the development needs, of sexual and gender minorities across the globe. They are committed to helping us to achieve our new Three-Year Strategic Plan for 2022-2025, and our annual action plan goals.


Our volunteers are based both in the U.K. and internationally. Volunteering at ReportOUT is through virtual volunteering.

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Make a difference. 
Change lives.
Shape futures.

Volunteering at ReportOUT is a professionalised and challenging role and we are after people to stay with us for the long-term, so we can invest in you.

If you can supply 12 hours per month (on average), can dedicate at least 12 months to your role, have strong I.T. software skills, are responsive to messages, able to hit deadlines, and are detailed focused. Additionally, if you can work autonomously with motivation, and are a strong team player, then we are the chosen family for you.

In return, we will provide you with a volunteering experience in the human rights sector unlike any other. We will invest in you, support you, train you, enable you to be creative and provide your voice to our decision making.


This includes professional training and development rarely seen in any charity, let alone one fully staffed by volunteers, such as research methods and PhotoVoice training, media training, campaigner training, and personality Insights. There may be opportunities to attend, and contribute, to events cited in national and international media. You could also be part of studies cited by the United Nations and national governments. You will gain access to a range of tools to help you be the best you can be. We even have volunteer rewards and awards! You will gain real world experience in a global facing organisation.

Benefits of volunteering with ReportOUT


Direct and hands-on experience of working within a diverse international team. Our volunteers and Trustees cover more than 40 countries from every continent


Potential to win our Volunteer of the Month award and gain awards for long-service


Training opportunities and courses offered to you. Get involved in projects beyond your role and shape international debates


Free Microsoft 365 license whilst you volunteer with us at ReportOUT containing free access to all software


One-to-one meetings with your Lead Trustee to discuss your contribution and your development, and a reference (upon request) after 6 months of volunteering with us

Volunteer Feedback

"Volunteering at ReportOUT gave me the kickstart and experience I needed to get my dream job. As well as this, the role has provided me with the opportunity to connect with some amazing and supporting people"

Volunteer Feedback

"I am very satisfied with my volunteering experience at ReportOUT. I have gained in knowledge, have worked on advocating for human rights outside my country (for once) and, most importantly, I have met beautiful people with beautiful souls. Therefore, I am so pleased to be a volunteer with ReportOUT"

Volunteer Feedback

"It's great to be able to volunteer with such a diverse team from right around the world, sharing unique perspectives and experiences"

According to our Annual Volunteer Survey (2023)


Follow our steps...


1. Research ReportOUT - we will be asking you!
2. Take our suitability quiz - are you what we need?
  • Take a suitability quiz to see whether you can offer the time that we need, and have the qualities and resources to volunteer virtually.

3. Read your chosen role descriptor
  • Read these role descriptors carefully as they set out your role very clearly, and what you will do. What skills, experience, or abilities do you have which align with what we need? Do you match our essential criteria? 

4. Complete your assignment task
  • Part of our selection process involves a short assignment which must be written by you. This will be also submitted with your application.

5. Complete our online form and prepare your CV
  • If this all fits, then please apply via our online form (we also assess all your answers to our questions) with your CV, alongside submitting your completed assignment. If any files are missing we cannot accept your application.

6. We will be in touch!
  • If you are selected for interview, we will send you dates and times for the interview. This will be held online via Microsoft Teams only. 

7. If successful, the next steps...
  • If you pass the interview, then we will will offer you an online module to complete before you start using Moodle, as well as a calendar link for an online live induction, held on Microsoft Teams on the 6th April 2024. You will also be given your own Microsoft 365 account which you must use from now on to contact us. This includes a ReportOUT email.

8. Deadlines for all applications
  • Human Rights Researchers: 29th February (midnight U.K. time) NEW Extended date!

  • Events Officers: 29th February (midnight U.K. time)

  • Business Development Officers: 29th February (midnight U.K. time)

Step 2: Take our suitability quiz

Do you have what we need from you?

So you have done the research outlined in step one above? Great! Now it is time for step two. This is a suitability quiz of the basic attributes we need from you at ReportOUT. You must be able to click 'yes' to all of the questions. If you click 'no' we recommend that you do not take your application further, and that you should apply again in the future when you are ready. The quiz button is below and it only takes a few minutes.

Step 3: Read our role descriptors

The role descriptors for each role can be downloaded below. Please read and scrutinise these very carefully, as we have particular skills, experience and abilities that we need for each role. Only apply and go further if you feel that you match the role descriptors and we can see evidence of this on your CV and in your answers on our online form.

Step 4: Your Assignment

Please only complete the assignment for the role that you are interested in and are applying for, Basic details are below to guide you, including what we are looking for and the word count. This assignment should be saved as a stand alone document.


Human Rights Researcher Assignment

In between 750–1,000 words, write a short blog on the topic of your choice relating to LGBTQI+ human rights. This can relate to any theme or country you are interested in. This should include both your own insights and opinions, together with evidence of secondary research (please include citations and a bibliography, using Harvard referencing). No primary research is necessary at this stage. Please take a look at our website for examples of blogs written by our current research team. If you are successful in your application, we may publish your blog on the ReportOUT website.

As part of our strategy to diversify the knowledge and expertise of our team, we are currently only actively recruiting researchers with lived experience or experience/expertise from the following regions:


  • Central and Eastern Europe

  • South Asia

  • East Asia

  • SWANA (Middle East and North Africa)

  • Central and South America


We continue to welcome applicants from other regions and will consider their applications in our next recruitment cycle in Q3 2024.


Events Officer Assignment

In no more than 500 words, pitch a realistic proposal for an event that ReportOUT could, or should, do. Describe in detail what you would plan to do, who would be involved, where and how it would be held, and give the rationale why this event should, or needs, to happen. You do not need to provide academic citations or a reference list. However, we will be looking for your attention to detail and how well your pitch is written. You may use to use our YouTube channel as a way to view some of our previous events. You may wish to check out our event page and our #SaferToBeMe event.


Business Development Officer Assignment

In no more than 500 words, please describe how you would identify, assess, and reach out to a potential sponsor at a hypothetical company called 'British Bank.' Please explain which types of roles at the organisation would have the authority and influence to partner with and/or donate to ReportOUT, which channel you would use to reach out to them, and draft a short introductory message (1-3 sentences) to open the conversation.

Step 5: Volunteer Application Form

Please complete the form to apply for a position with us.

Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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