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ReportOUT Three-Year Strategic Plan: 2022 – 2025

Looking forward - our new strategic priorities and outcomes for 2022-2025

Six strategic priorities will determine our programmes of work over the next three years. Our commitment to embedding impact practice in our work will provide a framework by which we can judge our success in their delivery. Each priority is supported by a series of broad outcomes which specifies the changes we want to see, our priorities for the next three years, and how we will achieve them through our annual action plans.


The priorities identified against the goals are not exhaustive and are likely to evolve as the context changes. Our strategy is underpinned by our vision, mission statement, organisational aims and organisational Theory of Change, which drives all that we do.


Our new Three Pillars of Movement are to achieve the following:

Pillar 1
Year 1

Pillar 2
Year 2

Pillar 3
Year 3

Maximise: Our projects, our reach and our impact across the globe

Achieve: Full sustainability across the organisation

Build: A positive future for ReportOUT as an organisation

Our strategy is supported by an annual operational plan which sets out the detailed work plan in support of our six key priorities. It describes the activity we will undertake, the outputs we plan to deliver but importantly how we will assess and measure the impact of our work. Our annual plan will be agile and responsive to the external environment, and we will continually assess our work, its relevance to the sector, and the need to develop new services as the demand and external environment dictates.


Our Three-Year Strategic Plan: 2022-2025 is also supported by our Finance and Fundraising Plan. This plan outlines how we will continue to diversify our funding and to aim to become fully sustainable as an organisation

Image by Amy Elting
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